The Best Day

Originally Posted June 1, 2017


"This was the best day I've had in a really long time."

Jacob and I frequent a bar regularly. It's not a particularly impressive establishment, but it is the most unique place I've ever been. 
The gas station bar. 
That's right, folks, it's a bar right in the middle of a gas station. I don't know of anything more quintessentially redneck than that.

As with all good bar goers and bar backs, a friendship was born. Steven, the bartender, has known about our fly fishing lifestyle for some time now. This weekend, after a few pints of locally brewed beer, we decided it was time he joined us on one of our adventures.

We caught fish. 
We discussed sustainability, conservation, and ethical river practices. 
We fished some more and caught more fish. 
We drank beer.
We examined climate change, river ecology, and the preservation of nature. 

It was a good day, and the best Steven's had in a while, he told us so.

That's what this whole fly fishing business is really all about, isn't it?