Warm Bamboo and Pipe Tobacco

Originally Posted November 27, 2016


I woke up this morning to air filled with smoke, so thick you could hardly see what was right in front of you. It hits your lungs hard and weakens your body almost instantly. We decided that for today, the trout would have to wait. There was plenty to accomplish in the workshop. 

And so, we set to our tasks. 

It's good to sit down and create. It's good to make something out of nothing. It's good to restore something to its original glory. There is work to do, and it is as important and meaningful as exploring the hills. 

I spent my day in front of my machine, sewing away, wondering why in the hell a rod sock would possibly need pockets. But, the rod sock got pockets. 

Jacob completed one restoration and began the second build. The workshop smells of varnish, warm bamboo, and pipe tobacco. It's a good smell.