Jacob Rash Custom Rods

Jacob Rash, of Between Two Banks, began making rods roughly five years ago for personal use. The obsession began with the art of bamboo rods and has extended into the world of fiberglass. He is a builder with a passion for the vintage and classic, focusing on the simplistic, finer points of the fly rods. He'll spend hours with anyone discussing a rod and and what makes it great. 

The vintage theme extends from the general aesthetics to the feel and action of the rod. He not only builds rods, but also has a passion to restore and refurbish rods of past.


Standard Package

Hand Split, Hand Planed, Blond Cane
Node Spacing applicable to Length and Taper: ie. 2X2, 3X3 or Spiral
Nickle Silver “Swiss” Ferrules
Nickle Silver  Reel Seat Hardware with Hardwood Spacer
Mildrum Stripping Guide
Chestnut Guide Wraps with Java Ferrule and Winding Check Wraps
Four Dipped Coats of, Oil Based Spar Varnish
Classic Aluminum Rod Tube with Fine Threaded Brass Cap and 7oz. Cotton Rod bag.
Classic Tapers:      2/2 - $1,000      3/2 - $1,300
Between Two Banks Original Tapers:    2/2 - $1,200    3/2  -  $1,500


Masters Collection

For any Classic Taper: Garrison, Payne, Leonard

Hardware and Wrappings Inspired by the Masters of Yesteryear.
Ex. A Leonard Taper- Nickle Silver Cap & Ring Reel Seat Hardware with Butternut Spacer
Step down Ferrules, Agate Stripping Guide, Ferrule Plug and Stylized Wrappings.

*I am not authorized, nor will I attempt to copy or fully replicate another Makers rods. These are simply       styled after classics with homage and honor to the Original Craftsmen.   
Classic Tapers; Masters Collection:  2/2 - $1,400    3/2 - $1,800

Between Two Banks Signature Series

Choice of Custom Grip Style and Reel Seat Spacer
Narrow Band Agate Stripping Guide
Choice of Three Wrap colors: Main Guide Wrap, Tipping and Ferrule & Winding Check Wraps
Bright or Blued Nickle Silver Hardware
Hand Twisted Snake Guides
Ferrule Plug
Classic Tapers:      2/2 - $1,400      3/2 - $1,700
Between Two Banks Original Tapers:    2/2 - $1,600    3/2 - $1,900

Two/ Two Options:                             Three/ Two Options:

 6942 - 6’9”  4Dt                                 7033 -  7’  3Dt

7032 – 7’  3Dt                                     8053 – 8’  5Dt

7042 – 7’  4Dt                                     8643 -  8’6”  4Dt

7642 – 7’6”  4Dt                                 8653 – 8’6”  5Dt

7952 – 7’9”  5Dt                                 8663 – 8’6”  6Dt

8042 – 8’  4Dt

8052 – 8’  5Dt

8062 – 8’  6Dt

 Additional Options Upon Request

Wide Bezel Vintage Style Agate Guide  $60
Rattan Wrapped Grip  $100
Full Intermediate Wraps  $300



For more information on custom builds, to place an order, or to just talk about bamboo rods, please fill out the form below or email Jacob.


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